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Can you not file taxes for 30 years? And get away with it?

It is actually possible to not file taxes for three decades -- and not have any negative repercussions from the IRS. The problem is, the rest of your life tends to become a mess. Learn the story of a stone mason I met, whose greatest regret is that the last tax return he filed was in 1985.

How Federal Tax Amnesty Programs work

IRS problems can sneak up on anyone. But not everyone's circumstances are the same. When solving a tax problem, the best option for your neighbor might not be the best option for you. In this article, we are going to go over some of the tights spots Americans get themselves into each year and the best federal tax amnesty programs for each situation.

Delinquent tax returns and FBAR amnesty

Having unfiled taxes is actually quite common, so let’s talk about options if you have unfiled taxes, including unfiled international reporting forms like the FBAR. More and more people are addressing this issue since the law passed saying that your passport can be...

Penalties for unfiled taxes

Now that April 18th has passed, most people have completed their tax returns and won't think about taxes again until next year. Most...but not all. What are your options if you haven't filed taxes?

US Expats with unfiled returns

In IRS Publication 54, the IRS gives advice to US expats with unfiled tax returns. In this article we will discuss that advice and why it is often incorrect.

Can you stop the IRS?

There are valid ways to negotiate down your debt, or set up a payment plan. Don’t expect the IRS to tell you which is the best choice for you, though. Educate yourself...

What to do if you didn't file your taxes

Now that April 15th is officially in the rear view mirror, most taxpayers are breathing a sigh of relief. But for those that haven't filed yet, the sleepless, Pepto Bismol filled nights are just beginning.

Those 3 crazy things never to say to the IRS

Back in 2008, IRSMedic founder Anthony Parent created a YouTube video called "Three Things Never to Say to the IRS" and since it's upload it has been viewed over 227,000 times(!) And as much as we make fun of Anthony and his 'over performance' we realized that the message of the video is ...

Can you be indicted for not filing a tax return?

We're going to get to the answer right away: yes, it is a federal crime to willfully fail to file a tax return (See 26 USC 7203 below). Well, that was easy, wasn't it? Not so fast. With the IRS, nothing is ever that easy. Here's the reality of ...

IRS Voluntary Compliance --- What does it really mean? What should you do?

What is the law on unfiled tax return forgiveness & amnesty?

Let's assume that you haven't filed your personal 1040 tax returns for say 5, 10, or even 20 years. It's possible that you've never filed them. Suddenly, you find yourself in the position where you realize you need to address the issue. It could be a marriage, new job, or the threat of having your passport revoked. Whatever the case, you probably have at least a few questions.

Burned by a tax resolution scam outfit?

Every week, we have consultations with people that have, unfortunately, been taken advantage of by "tax resolution" companies. We know it can be tempting to hire these companies. Some rely on scare tactics or unrealistic ‘guarantees’ to bring in their clients, or make a ludicrous claim that “you will never have to pay the IRS again.” Many of our clients are in worse trouble...

What to do about unfiled tax returns with the IRS

If you have years of unfiled tax returns outstanding,  you might be experiencing a wide range of questions, like: Is this problem too big to fix? Will it go away on its own if "lay low?" Can I be charged criminally? Assuming I wanted to file old tax returns, h..

Federal Employee Tax Problems: Are They Favored By The IRS?

If you, as a federal employee, were expecting favoritism from the IRS, well, you were wrong. Federal employee tax problems get the harshest treatment possible.

What is the statute of limitations to claim a refund from the IRS?

If you haven't filed tax returns, you may think the IRS is going to become hyper-aggressive. While it is possible, it is more likely that the IRS will file the returns for you, inflating a tax bill. Also, you could actually be missing out on refunds ...

Unfiled Tax Returns: Top Questions Answered

Many taxpayers have questions about unfiled tax returns, and rightfully so. Many have not filed tax returns for 10 years, or even 15 years, or maybe never. Many are worried about what the statute of limitations is on unfiled tax returns. They wonder if they should file if they owe the IRS money, or if it is better to wait until they can afford to pay the IRS. They are afraid of penalties and hope there is some sort of unfiled tax return forgiveness law.

Unfiled IRS Tax Returns: Four Important Things To Know

Let's talk about the 4 things you need to know about filing back taxes with the IRS. The first thing is that if you don't file your taxes, the IRS will do something called a “substitute for filed return.” (or SFR). With an SFR, the IRS tries to assume the worst tax bill you can imagine. They send you notices...

Avoiding Tax Liabilities: So You Think You’re Smarter Than The IRS?

If Nicholas Cage, Pamela Anderson and Wesley Snipes can get away without paying their income taxes, why should the IRS come after you? What people don’t understand is that all these celebs are far ...

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