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IRS passport revocation updates and deciding what to do

It has now been over a year since the FAST Act was passed. The FAST Act included a provision that amended the US tax code to give the power to the IRS to have your passport revoked for unpaid federal income tax taxes of $50,000 or more.

Is the IRS restricting passports?

In what looks like a certainty to be passed into law, the House and Senate have separately passed versions of a highway bill that includes the necessary language to restrict the passports of those owing over ...

Passport Revocation Update from the Taxpayer Advocate

Thanks to our friend and expat advocate Keith Redmond who set up this up, Attorney Anthony Parent had the pleasure of a conference call with the Taxpayer Advocate to get updates on the Passport Revocation and Denial Law. They had some interesting insight into the situation. As a matter of fact, we got more information from them than we've gotten from the IRS.

Common renunciation and IRS exit tax questions

More and more United States citizens are renouncing their US citizenship. Many, thanks to the havoc that FATCA is wreaking on their lives. We understand the gravity of making this decision. These are common questions our clients ask when considering renunciation.

IRS Notice CP508C - What does it mean?

If you received a CP508C notice, the IRS has identified your tax debt as “seriously delinquent” and has provided that information to the State Department. The State Department generally will not renew your passport or issue a new passport to you after receiving this certification from the IRS, and they may remove or place limitations on your current passport.

Passport Revocation Notices - The stream begins

The last update we saw on the IRS' website was: "The IRS has not yet started certifying tax debt to the State Department. Certifications to the State Department will begin in early 2017, and this webpage will be updated to indicate when this process has been implemented. The information presented here is for informational purposes only." That was, until ...

Passport Revocation update January 2017

The IRS has released information about the details of the new passport revocation law for unpaid tax debts, and when it may go into affect.

Passport Revocation updates

A new law passed on December 4, 2015 that gives the Secretary of State the authority to refuse or revoke passports to "seriously delinquent" taxpayers. While the program has been slow to roll out, we do have some new...

The truth about expatriating for tax purposes

Deciding to expatriate is a big deal and if you decide to go through with it, you want to make sure it's done correctly. You have to renounce with the State Department and file a certification with the IRS stating that you have been in compliance with the tax code for the last five years. And if you have stuff, you will be paying an exit tax.

Expats and passport revocation

Tax compliance for expats is even more difficult for US taxpayers who reside in the states. Expats have to be in compliance with both the country they live in and the US...

Expats and IRS tax collection statute limitations

If you owe the IRS money, it’s very easy to feel that the odds are stacked against you. The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world and Congress has repeatedly given the IRS new tools to collect what they feel they’re owed...

Is your foreign retirement plan taxable?

Is your foreign retirement plan taxable? That's a difficult question. It's an important question, but a difficult one. Much like peeling an onion, what you see on the surface isn't always what you get. Just when you think you have things all figured out, you realize that there's another ...

Can the IRS revoke or deny your passport for unpaid tax debts?

The answer to this question, frighteningly, is yes. Just when you think the government has overstepped their bounds, they find a new bound to step!

Passports to be revoked/denied for unpaid IRS tax debts

While this law passed back on December of 2015, it has yet to go into effect. But the IRS recently updated their website saying that "early 2017", taxpayers can have their passports revoked/denied for unpaid IRS tax debts. Madness.

Feedback: OVDP Parts I & II Form 14457 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Letter

The IRS asked for feedback on many of its current and proposed OVDP and Streamlined Process forms. In the video immediately below, we describe our response. In Part II, which follows, we discuss change the IRS should make to OVDP Form 14457 the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Letter.

Foreign Bank list hits 50; Belize Bank hit with John Doe summons

Well, our old buddies at the IRS are at it again. Seemingly unsatisfied with their recent descent on Switzerland, the next target has a bit more sand and some much warmer waters. As I've said before, the IRS has no global boundaries when it comes to their power over American citizens. Whether it's Topeka or Timbuktu, if you are a US citizen, the IRS holds a claim to a portion of every dollar you earn.

How long does the IRS have to collect back taxes?

Let's start with the good news: the IRS has a limited amount of time to collect back taxes! For a lot of people, that statement right there will help them breathe a sigh of relief. Simply put, the IRS only has ten years to collect back taxes before their legal right to do so is suspended. But, ...

Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen AG (EKS) joins OVDP FAQ 7.2 list

Yesterday the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen AG (EKS) has agreed to cooperate in order to avoid criminal and civil fines and penalties. What does this mean for EKS? EKS, like Swiss banks before them who have entered into a DOJ Swiss Bank Non - ...

US taxation of Chinese nationals

To Chinese, it is so common to give money to the children; we never realize there is an existence of a gift tax law, or inheritance tax. We also think it is our responsibility to help our parents financially when they are in need, again, never realized the gift tax. In China, the government takes the payroll taxes automatically from your paycheck without even showing the taxes being taken. These tax...

What actions put a pause on the IRS statute of limitations?

The IRS statute of limitations on collections -- also known as the collections state expiration date (CSED for short) -- determines the window of time in which the IRS can collect. Simply put, the expiration date for the IRS's ability to collect is ten years from the initial tax assessment. Make a note of the words initial tax...

Important 2014 IRS 1040 Expat and foreign income changes

January 20, 2015 marked a start for a tax filing season that is going to be different from all previous ones. The reason being is Affordable Care Act (ACA), and its requirement to report ownership of health ...

Dual Passport? The IRS Can Still Find Your Foreign Accounts!

Since the 2012 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure rules were passed, my office has spoken to hundreds of US persons who have undisclosed offshore accounts. Many have decided to use our services, some have decided to hire our OVDI attorney peers, and many have decided to roll the dice, because of a ...

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