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You’re making a smart decision to consider hiring the absolute top level of tax representation …


Just understand that we’re not after your money - seriously, no thanks.


Dealing with the IRS can be tough enough. The last thing you need is a headache from the tax firm you hire to help with your IRS problem.


You see, many in the tax industry say they are all about clients. Yet scratch the service a bit and this lie becomes as transparent as glass.


Look at the lobbying efforts of the large tax firms. Whether they’re one of the Big 4 or bulk volume tax preparers, are they doing anything to make the tax code easier?  


After all, if they were your true advocate, they would be lobbying congress to create simpler tax laws.


But this isn’t happening.


Instead, they continue to lobby for more complicated laws, resulting in more expensive fees and bigger hassles for you.


This goes against our beliefs.


Our business model is to help as many people as possible. We aren’t interested in gouging clients. This type of outdated practice is dying the miserable death it deserves.




Right now, lawyers and other entrenched professionals across the country are bemoaning their own downfall. But the truth is, they had it coming because they offer mediocre tax services, high prices and little accountability.


They were able to do this because you didn’t have a choice -- but now you do.


We refuse your money under the old way of business because it’s a dead end. The only possible way you ever pay us is you’re 100% satisfied.


Here’s how our tax services work ...


First, you render with us a security deposit. (It stays in an escrow account until you feel we earned it.)


Then we immediately get to work on your IRS issue.


That’s it.


Yes you get a written contract and it is about as simple as simple can be. No hidden fees. No hassles.


All the heavy lifting is done for you. So you can go about your life.


No longer will you have to wonder if something might surface that you’re not proud of.



Again, we are the only national tax firm that publicly advocates for the simplification of the tax code. You can see our work here, here and here.


Our advocacy for you doesn’t actually require that you to hire us as your tax firm. So imagine how our clients who hire us to be on their tax team feel. 


So if you’re ready to resolve tax issue (and avoid any future problems), let’s chat today.


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