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IRS Audit? Get help dealing with the IRS

Facing an IRS audit can be daunting. Get armed with as much information and help as possible when dealing with the IRS.

The Benefits of filing an Offer in Compromise

IRS Offer in Compromise are a real thing and really help people. With our 15 years of experience, we've developed a system that works. Read on to learn more about the benefits of filing an Offer in Compromise to get rid of a lingering tax debt that just doens't seem to go way.

Another Total Tax Diagnosis success!

I've been with Parent & Parent LLP/IRSMedic as a tax resolution specialist for nearly three years. I love my time here --- because we are always looking to improve and are so focused on actually helping people out. Last year, our department developed an entirely different way to handle our clients with tax problems. We call it the Total Tax Diagnosis, or TTD for short. So how does it work? Read the email we got from a client below.

What to do if you have Unfiled Tax Returns

If you have unfiled tax returns, you’re actually far from alone, and there are steps you can take to get into compliance.

Payroll Tax Negotiations

Our lawyers understand that it is easier than most people think to get into payroll tax trouble. The key to a winning deal is to put things in the right perspective. Failure to do so could be catastrophic.

Installment Agreement Information

In cases where you don't dispute the amount owe, but cannot afford to pay off the entire amount all at once, an IRS payment plan may be the best way out. And thanks to the IRS Fresh Start Program, there are more helpful options and benefits.

What is an IRS Claim for Refund?

An IRS claim for refund is, in most cases, a form you file when you ask for money back that you overpaid to the IRS. The critical thing: A claim for refund is time - sensitive — essentially 3 years from the original due date of the return, or 2 years from the date of payment. If you’re too late, ...

How to put yourself in control of beating an IRS problem

Resolving a tax matter requires more than adequate legal representation. You may not realize how much you are in control -- even when you have a tax attorney representing you. While the IRS will always be slow to...

Success Story: Tax preparation works a lot better with the correct numbers

Any individual struggling with taxes owed to the IRS has two things to worry about: 1) their tax problem, which demands a shocking amount of attention, and 2) filing their current year's returns on time so that their overdue bill doesn't get even more out of hand. Unfortunately for many people, ...

Saving a defaulted offer in compromise with Plan D

This is a success story of ours that is one of my favorites. It shows that if Plan A falls apart and Plan B and C simply won't work, you just might have a Plan D that can save you from the brink. The IRS is complicated and beating a tax problem isn't always going to be clean-cut.

An IRS Offer in Compromise Victory

I want to tell you a story about the long road to victory. It's not an easy one, but it's important. This particular story had us playing our part, but it's more about the role of our client, "Victor." Victor came to us in 2012. He was sad, depressed, and his wife was working tirelessly to ...

Overseas and Foreign Bank Account Reporting Disclosure Success Story

One of my cases at IRSMedic was with a client named Samantha. Instead of having one of the more clean-cut cases, she was the unfortunate participant of an overseas and foreign bank account reporting disclosure case. She had inherited an investment fund from her mother, and her mother had ...

IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness Program: Payroll tax debt success story

To succeed in an IRS tax debt forgiveness program you need to know what you're up against. Let me tell you about Steve. In 2011, Steve was in a really bad place. He had just gone through a prolonged, nasty divorce, and his one-man landscaping business had recently gone under. That would be bad enough, but we also have to throw in that his business had run up a six-figure tax liability. Like so many of our clients, Steve’s IRS tax problem stemmed from striking out on his own in hopes of building a fruitful and independent life.

A hopeless tax problem?

Mr. S, who used to own several bread delivery routes in Ohio and ran up a big tax bill, finally called us because he was dealing with an IRS issue that "was a beast." He had been so beaten down by the IRS over the years that he truly thought there ...

Offer of Compromise for back CT Sales and Use taxes

Fred owned a package store in Willimantic. In 2008 he was audited by the State of Connecticut for sales and use taxes. Fred's CPA tried to help, but wasn't able to convince the auditor that Fred's sales were actually what Fred originally claimed. So the Department of Revenue Service (DRS) ...

A recent success: Quickest Offer in Compromise acceptance time

I don't know if it was our fine work, or if the stars aligned just right...but we recently had our fastest Offer in Compromise

Innocent Spouse Relief: A Fair Result In California

Working at IRSMedic World HQ can be taxing at times. (Pun absolutely intended).  Many of my clients have seen their lives torn apart by the Internal Revenue Service, or a state taxing authority, and they've hired our firm because they want to make things ...

The surprising success an IRS Installment Agreement can offer

From time to time we like to share with our readers some of our success stories. True we are very proud of our work, but we also like to share these stories because it helps illustrate what can and can't be done about a tax problem. The worst thing for a tax problem is ignorance. And here's ...

Successful Plea agreement no unpaid DRS sales and use charge

Ahmed owned a few gas stations around the state. Let's just say that his accounting techniques were unconventional. But as we discovered, he actually did report most of his sales. It was just that his record - keeping methods were a conglomeration of various policies and procedures he gleaned by ...

IRS Installment Agreement Defaults: When They Cancel Your Plan

What should I do when my IRS Installment Agreement defaults or cancels?

IRS Levy, Garnishment, and Lien Relief

How to avoid having a lien or garnishment filed against you, and what to do if it's already happened!

IRS trust fund recovery penalty

When we first met 64 - year - old Valerie Cole in 2007, she made $87,000 a year as an executive secretary for a hedge fund. Unfortunately, she was the unlucky recipient of an IRS levy notice. The IRS was seeking $945,000 for unpaid employee taxes. ...

IRS Hardship Status: Getting it to work for you

Corina Cordova was a frugal, stubborn, hardworking woman. She also had a grandson with special needs who lived with her and was her only dependent. Corina lived on a fixed income and was under tremendous pressure from the IRS to pay...

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