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Hong Kong is the international avatar for the accumulation of wealth. Yet not every American goes to Hong Kong for this reason. However, due to the extremely high cost of living, even middle-class families find themselves with significant assets and complicated investments. This is problematic for two reasons. First, the IRS taxes its citizens around the globe. Second, there is an onerous amount of tax compliance required by the IRS --- an amount one would expect for a large multi-national corporation -- not an individual, and even individuals with rather large assets and business interests. Fortunately, this is where we excel. We are well-versed in the types of issues US expats in Hong Kong experience and have Mandarin-speaking tax specialists on staff who can properly account for and report Hong Kong business ventures and other investments.



Along with FATCA and FBAR reporting, these are the specific Hong Kong IRS tax issues our team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax preparers assist our clients with.


Common tax issues we encounter for US expats in Hong Kong

  • Income from closely held corporations, where all parties might not be US persons and may be required to file precise tax filings.
  • Acquisitions resulting in significant capital gains, and ways to avoid them.
  • Gifting and inheritance issues.
  • "Foreign" mutual funds.
  • How to properly gift to a non-US spouse.
  • "Foreign" pensions.
  • FATCA and FBAR reporting.


Are you a US person living in Hong Kong?

The US taxes its persons on a worldwide basis. So what you earn in Hong Kong, even if it is taxed by the Hong Kong taxing authority, is subject to additional taxes by the IRS. This is true even if you have a "tax-free" account in Hong Kong. However, you are entitled to a credit for taxes paid. In the alternative, there is a foreign income exclusion which will exempt a portion of your income from income taxes.


Are you an Hong Kong person living in the United States? (Visa/Substantial Presence Test)

If you are a Green Card holder you are subject to universal taxing jurisdiction on all your income, anywhere in the world. If you are a visa holder the rules are a bit more complicated about when universal taxing jurisdiction is triggered.


Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Citizens and residents living and working in Hong Kong may be entitled to a foreign earned income exclusion that reduces taxable income. In addition, you may exclude housing expenses, but with limits. There are limits and special rules about who qualifies for the exclusion, and we can help you understand if you qualify. 


Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs

If you have made a mistake in previous IRS tax filings, or haven't filed at all, we can help. We are the nation's premier offshore disclosure firm. We have helped thousands of Hong Kong residents and others from around the globe properly disclose to the IRS. We can help you too. Click here to visit our Offshore Disclosure summary page.

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