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  • Competitve compensation
  • A true sense of comraderie. Many of the top tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled agents from around the country will become your colleagues.
  • No need to relocate if you are in a market you enjoy. However, if where you are working isn't working out for you, we also can help you make a move.
  • We enjoy the nation's #1 tax resolution presence on the internet. Between and our YouTube channel we have a greater content reach than any other tax firm that is growing every day.
  • Our technology and security is unparrelled.
  • International excellence. International returns are not for everyone. But they are for us. Our team enjoy the rigorous challenge of international compliance.
  • Putting people first. Many in the tax industry likes to say they put clients first. But most of this is just marketing-speak. Because the truth is the big players in the industry lobby for more and more complicated laws, forcing their clients to spend more with them. How can this be putting the client first?   We on the other hand, are among the handful of tax professionals workign to fix bad tax laws that hurt everyone who is ethical. We believe ingertiy is the best strategy for long term viability.
  • We are the nations #1 offshore disclosure team. We've handled more IRS offshore disclosures than any other firm. We also have the most envieable record of success with FBAR examinations and offshore penaly abatement.


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