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For better or worse: Tips on breaking the news of a tax problem to your spouse


There are two very common fact patterns we come across: A business owner that has run up a large tax problem. Someone with foreign accounts and assets who hasn't been reporting them correctly. They too, have a large tax problem. In both cases we often find that they have not been forthcoming about the true nature of the issue with their significant others. In this article I am going to discuss three steps to take to break the news of an IRS problem to a spouse.

What is IRS Form 3520-A? When is it required? What should you do if you are unfiled?


Have you heard vague rumors that you might need to file a Form 3520-A with the IRS? Did a tax software program prompt you to investigate if you needed to file one? Did you visit only to find yourself more confused? No worries. In this article, we will explain the most likely reason you need to file a Form 3520-A, why the form exists, and what to do if you are late or unfiled and want to avoid steep penalties.

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