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How we help US taxpayers around the world


You probably came to this page expecting us to tell you all about our years in business, abundant expertise and industry reputation.


But does any of this ego-boosting bragging really benefit you?


Not really.


After all, all you really care about is how we can quickly resolve your tax situation without hassles or ridiculously high prices.


Sure, we can tell you we’ve been resolving tax issues with the IRS for the last 13+ years.


However, rather than being impressed with this long-standing track record, we prefer you hold us accountable as if we were a brand new firm.  


You see, we don’t represent large corporations.


Rather, our clients are real people with some pretty big dreams.


They’re the world’s innovators, founders and visionaries. Unfortunately, they had trouble finding reliable tax help.


They are among the ...


  • 13 million self-employed individuals.

  • 23 million small and medium-sized businesses.

  • 8 millions U.S. expats around the globe with complicated tax filings.

  • 40 million immigrants with offshore holdings they never knew had so much penalty exposure.


Many of our clients have intense filing demands that most people have no clue about.


As boring as taxes can be, they are kind of important to get right. The IRS may take time to move. But when they do, they can truly hit like a hammer.


For most people, a discount firm or DIY software works well. For large corporate businesses, the Big 4 is totally fine.


Yet there’s an entire market between the extremes that is severely underserved. These are the people we help -- our clients.


If you’re struggling with a tax issue or just have questions about your situation, we should talk.


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