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At Parent & Parent LLP, our goal is to take away the anxiety and hassle of having complicated tax affairs - so that you can focus your energies elsewhere, like working on your business, enjoying retirement, or simply getting the things done the thing that you want to get done.


Our clients hire us for yearly tax preparation or for when a previous tax firm (or our clients themselves) may have made a mistake that needs to be addressed. 


Our clients are looking for service and protection that a part-time tax preparer, or a firm that specializes in corporate law simply can't offer.


Because one of the concrete advantages we offer is this: Our tax firm started nearly twenty years ago by fixing the most complicated tax problems. We never shied away from the hardest cases as those cases provide huge insights on how to help all of our clients --- even those with simpler filings --- to avoid future tax problems.


Because we possess incredible expertise in fixing the biggest tax problems, this means we have also learned how to avoid terrible tax traps that have truly damaged unsuspecting taxpayers.


Here are more concrete benefits of putting Parent & Parent LLP to work for you:


  • We have in-house tax lawyers, CPAs, Enrolled Agents who all work together. If a situation does get intense, our firm has incredibly brilliant, hard-working tax attorneys who can handle any thing the IRS throws our way.
  • We have in-house accounting and tax preparation. If you are working to solve a tax problem, a key to to get your current compliance correct. When people hire us, they don't need to hire another firm. We can handle it all. Which creates lower fees and better communication - thus, a better result.
  • Our IRSMedic channel on YouTube is a huge success. Our channel has created a network of loyal fans - both inside and outside the IRS. Fans who always share with us what is going on - for key insights that help our clients.
  • Difficult-to-beat security. Our firm is not only has attractive the best tax talent, but also to some of the best support talent as well. Our IT possesses security features you simply will not find at any other tax firm or any law firm. With clients in nearly every time zone, our security is so robust because we take your privacy seriously.
  • Global Competency: Our knowledge base on international taxation is difficult to beat. Our clients don't need to guess if their case is something we can handle.
  • Pricing that is reasonable. Our fees are typically far less than what the large corporate accounting and law firms charge, and we often find ourselves fixing the messes they created.
  • Highly reviewed. But don't take our word for it. Search yourself to see what others say about working with Parent & Parent LLP.
  • We care. Our clients are some of the best people in the world and we want to see them succeed.  


Ultimately, at Parent & Parent LLP we don't need to guess what the IRS is up to, we know in real time. So if you are looking to give yourself a leg-up to an unfair tax code, Parent & Parent LLP may really be the firm for you.  



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