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UPDATE 11-29-2018: IRS announces new 2018 OVDP guidance


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The key benefits of making Parent & Parent LLP your tax & advisory team


We are a complete team of experienced and battled-tested tax attorneys, business consultants, accountants, and specialists.

Our global network allows us to serve our clients around the world with these strategic advantages:


  • An in-house tax preparation department staffed by CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and tax attorneys
  • Double-attorney reviewed tax returns
  • Keen international experience; 50% of our clients have some international tax component
  • Expertise and success at handling the most difficult tax issues for individuals and businesses
  • The ability to resolves difficult issue, especially situations where a prior representative failed to meet objectives
  • The highest level of security encryption allowed by law

We also have the expertise and a record of success in handling the most difficult type of tax and audit problems along with:


  •     Mergers & Aquisitions
  •     Start-ups
  •     Corporation and pass-through advisory services.
  •     Payroll & business tax audits and issues
  •     International tax audits and issues
  •     Tax lien negotiations and withdrawal
  •     US Passport revocations and denials


Our passion is unsurpassed.


We feel so strongly about changing complicated tax laws that we are one of very few tax firms advocating for a simpler, fairer, less instrusive tax system. Whether in front of an IRS agent or in front of Congress, we believe that in order to be the best advocate for your clients, you always need to be advocating for your clients. Always.


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