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About Us

How can we help you get your life back?

Regardless of how talented any law firm is, there is no lawyer who has the power to help you get you the life you want unless you tell them what you want your life to be!

So… what is important to you?

We don’t want to guess on your resolution.  We want to know for sure.  So tell us.
Here are some examples of what we mean:
  • Is your goal to get the IRS behind you as quickly as possible?  Or is your bigger goal to pay the IRS as little as possible? Because sometimes (but not always) those two goals are mutually exclusive, and sometimes just the right balance can be found.
  • Is your goal to never have a tax problem again?  Or are you comfortable taking aggressive stances?  The quickest way to solve a tax problem is to pay the IRS in full, but that too, even if possible, can lead to other problems.  Fighting the IRS all the time can deplete your energy, leading to huge opportunity costs.  So can an optimum strategy be employed?

We want to help you get where you want to go.

Obviously we can’t wave a magic wand and make the IRS or any state taxing authority go away.  So we try to do the next best thing:  Formulate and execute realistic solutions that will be accepted, and do it in a cost-effective manner for you. 


We have a team of specialists to help you find the future you want.

Everyone at Parent & Parent LLP., the IRSMedic,  is dedicated to getting you the life you want, and everyone has a specialty.  This is who we are:

  • David G. Parent, Esq.:  Attorney Parent brought over 40 years in municipal, state and federal compliance work into the law firm when he teamed up with his partner and son, Anthony E. Parent, Esq.
  • Anthony E. Parent, Esq.:  Is the founder of the IRSMedic website, blogs extensively, and is used as a resource by national media.  His most proud professional achievement has been the development a tax resolution system — with the help of his staff —that can solve any tax problem no matter how complicated it is.  He is also a co-author of the business best-seller, “Protect & Defend.”
  • Michelle Wynn, Esq.:  Attorney Wynn’s specialty is payroll tax case resolution, along with offshore voluntary disclosure.  Her deft touch has allowed many businesses to stay afloat.  She is a sharp negotiator who frequently and politely explains to the IRS the rules they need to follow.
  • Victoria Parent:  As case manager, Ms. Parent oversees the workflow to make sure all the cases are moving successfully toward resolution.  She is an expert at dealing with emotionally-charged tax problems.  She has also carved out an enviable state tax resolution practice — routinely working with difficult and ever-changing state rules, including not just Connecticut, but what are widely regarded as the most challenging states to deal with, the State of New York and the California Franchise Tax Board.
  • Vladyslav Golubovskyi, LLM.:  Mr. Golubovsky, an attorney from the Ukraine, comes to the firm with an international tax background. He is comfortable understanding difficult accounting concepts from around the worlds, and the complicated returns that foreign income and accounts create. He has guided our clients through the OVDI process and has proven nearly clairvoyant on how the IRS would approach non-compliance.
  • Michelle Palmeri:  Ms. Palmeri is an Offer in Compromise wizard.  She loves getting the IRS to agree with our negotiation settlements and has compiled one of the largest records of success in lowering taxes.  She also educates clients on how to successfully maintain tax compliance after an Offer in Compromise or any resolution is accepted.  She specializes in resolutions for W-2 and Self-Employed individuals.
  • Tarn T. Granucci:  As finance manager, Mr. Granucci has taken the firm from a small two-man operation to a nationally-recognized boutique law firm that handles the most difficult US tax problems worldwide.  He loves sharing his pointers with our clients and watching them succeed.
  • Michael Stacchiotti:  Mr. Stacchiotti is an IRS veteran of 33 years who finished his career as an IRS Financial Products Specialist.  His experience and aptitude has proven invaluable as the firm has become incredibly successful with OVDI and offshore clientele.
  • Chris Wynn:  Mr. Wynn is our In-House Accounting Administrator.  With 10 years experience in the financial record keeping for multiple kinds of companies, he will put your books in order and explain the best practices for avoiding trouble down the line.
  • Support staff Amy Yamaguchi, June Dudley, & Cheryl Campbell are here to listen to your story and get you the tax help you need.




Did you know…

According to the latest IRS statistics released in December 2011, three million US taxpayers experience some sort of tax problem each year.  So if you are facing a tax problem, you are not alone.  You just need to take action.

Review our blog for in-depth updates on IRS issues, or contact us for a free (for a limited time) consultation.

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