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Tax Criminal Representation Connecticut

Tax Evasion Lawyer

When your future is on the line.

Tax evasion (hiding your income), filing a fraudulent return, even failing to file a return… these are federal crimes that can have serious, life-changing consequences for you, your loved ones, and your business or employer. State crimes include not paying state payroll taxes or not paying state sales tax. If you’re found guilty of any of these charges, the results can include significant jail time, fines, penalties and criminal restitution in addition to paying the original amount owed to the state or to the IRS. You can also lose your professional license. Finding your way through the criminal indictment process can be a very upsetting and difficult journey.

A tax evasion lawyer will take your side and defend you against alleged tax crimes. It is different than other types of criminal representation. It requires excellent litigation skills as well as experience in tax law. Our process starts with a conversation. We listen carefully to your specific circumstances, review any documents you have received from the state or the IRS and then discuss your options.

We’ll work with you to build a strategy designed to maximize the best possible outcome. You will become an active participant in your own defense, and you’ll know the risks and benefits of each action we decide to take. Every step of the way, we’ll explain what’s happening and what happens next. Our goal is to keep you well-informed and to help you move on with your life. Contact us to find out more.