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Experienced IRS Tax Lawyers Make It (Almost) Painless.

Few things are more personally stressful than an IRS audit. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ll deal with every request from the IRS: every discussion, every round of paperwork. We review tax filings carefully and understand the IRS terminology that is used in the documents. It might surprise you to know: we often find that audit clients overpaid their taxes. In these cases, we file an amended return and clients receive a refund from the IRS.

An audit is not just about auditing numbers. It is about auditing your story — to make you appear as sympathetic as possible.  A lot of discretion is involved when IRS tax auditors propose a tax change. If they have unresolved questions about who you are and what you did, you can  not expect an optimum result.

That why as tax audit lawyers for our clients, our job to to create an easy to understand narrative that discloses your circumstances, backed up by hard work in document organization. And the picture we paint will be most favorable to you.

Success stories:

Bert Baxter ran a successful investment company. His gross income was a hefty 1.2 million dollars and Bert prepared all his taxes using Turbo Tax. Bert filed his tax returns to the best of his ability but when a very young field agent contacted him to tell him his 2009 tax return was under audit and he became very concerned. We stepped in at that point to represent Bert in his audit process with the field agent.  Based on our detailed audit work, we discovered that Bert failed to report income but that he also failed to include main valuable deductions.  Luckily, there was only a small tax liability after the audit was complete.  In addition, we also noticed an error in how Bert was structuring his real estate investments which, when corrected, would lower his tax bills — not just in the past, but into the future as well. Bert says, now that it is over, that the audit was one of the best things that happen to him. He never realized how much money he was leaving on the table until we showed him.


Magdaline Hauser ran a successful home cleaning business. While she was under audit, the IRS estimated her back taxes would be $60,000, not including penalties and interest. IRS Medic attorneys represented Magdaline in her audit process and were successful in decreasing her tax liability. The IRS ultimately agreed that instead of Magdaline owing $60,000 plus penalties and interest, Magdaline was entitled to receive $2,068.90 back.

Names and certain facts have been changed to protect the identities of our clients. These stories are not intended to be a promise of how your case will turn out but to show you some of our successful audit proceedings. All facts are different, and outside of tax or federal court, approval of the final resolution is up to the IRS.

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