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Recovery Checklist

Where tax problems end.

Please review these questions below:

  • Question #1

    Are you tired of being frustrated with the IRS?  We understand exactly where you are coming from.  The IRS is a powerful bureaucracy; simple communications can become agonizing.  We have proven procedures we use to deal with the IRS, so you’ll never have to.

  • Question #2

    Are you tired of being confused by the IRS?  You are not alone.  We will cut through the confusion and explain to you exactly what is going on and what needs to be done.

  • Question #3

    Have you thought of turning your tax problem into an opportunity?  We are absolutely serious.  When a tax problem strikes, there are usually other financial and personal issues lurking.  We will help you get to the bottom of any other problems that are affecting your life — and help guide you in making a long-term plan for abundance. 

  • Question #4

    Are you tired of living in fear?  Is the IRS is keeping you up at night?  Is the IRS is keeping you from being productive?  Is the IRS intruding on your peace of mind?  Then why should you waste one more valuable second of your precious life?  That doesn’t make sense, does it?  We want to hear what is going on.  Call or email us now.  Tell us as much of  your story as you feel comfortable with.  We are actual attorneys, so the attorney-client privilege will protect what you tell us.  You can speak in confidence.  Always.