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Success Stories

Overcoming the impossible.


What do all these people have in common? They all came to IRSmedic wondering if the OVDI program was right for them.


“I’m glad I didn’t run” — R.T.

“Look, I did o.k. in life.  And I guess I got there by taking some gambles.  In 1978, I made a killer deal and put $4 million into a bank account in Luxembourg with the idea to avoid paying taxes.  And I did.  I’ve been living a good life.  This account got as high a $11 million.  I never told anyone about this account, including my CPA.  But by the time I learned of the OVDI program in 2009, I was getting a funny feeling that the jig might me up.  I didn’t want everyone at my regular law firm to know my business, so I found Attorney Parent online.  I actually didn’t plan on going through the program — we ran the figures and it would cost me $3 million to comply.  But he convinced me — or maybe I convinced myself.  It was a gut decision.  The process was a little bumpy, and writing that check was one memorable experience.

But here’s the kicker, in 2011, my 21 year old daughter was in trouble and gave birth to my first grandson.  We were estranged for a while, but now she really needed me, and I saw it as a opportunity to make up for some of the things I wished I had a chance to.  To tell you the truth, since I wrote the check to the IRS in 2010, I forgot all about those worries.  There’s a saying about a fool knowing the the price of everything and the value of nothing.  As I am writing this, my grandson is napping while my daughter went to pick up some things for dinner.  And I’m smiling because I don’t feel like such a fool.” 

“Fair and Reasonable” — V.S.

“Parent and Parent legal fees were fair and reasonable.  I was surprised that they charged a flat-fee upfront.  When my case took longer than expected, they did not charge me any extra.  Anyone thinking about offshore help should consider them.” 

“Made a tough time manageable.” — A.A.

“What I liked most about IRSmedic is that they seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and were really easy to talk to.  They never made me feel stupid.  And as strange as it sounds, actually got me to laugh a lot during this process.  I liked how they explained things so it was easy for me to accept what I needed to do.” 

“The place for an honest second opinion.” — J.F.

“I met with Attorney Parent and Attorney Holbrook to get a second opinion.  I was worried that my current attorney wasn’t doing a good job.  They looked at my case, and explained to me what was going on.  And that as far as they could tell, my attorney was actually doing the right thing when it came to mt penalty calculations.  I really appreciate their honesty.  Because Anthony and Amy did such a wonderful job explaining the process to me and what would be happening, I felt comfortable keeping my own attorney.  Although I wish he could communicate like IRSmedic.” 

“Very Happy” — G.V.

“I am very happy I entered into the OVDI program and I am very happy I hired Parent & Parent.” 

“I don’t know if I am doing the right thing.” — S.L.

“I decided not to enter into the OVDP program.  But I really appreciate the time Attorney Holbrook gave me.  She understood my sensitive position and didn’t try to talk me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with.  She gave me the information I needed.  She is very friendly and knowledgeable.” 

“They just don’t give up.” — W.W.

“Throughout the entire process, I could not believe how unprofessional the IRS acted.  But each time, Attorney Holbrook never took it personally.  She has a really thick skin and seems to anticipate each stupid move the IRS would make.  She was right every time.  It was a relief knowing I had a pro on my case, I was totally at ease.” 

“Attorney Wynn actually likes fighting the IRS” — W.W.

“At our initial consultation, Attorney Wynn admitted she enjoyed fighting the IRS and forcing them to do what the law requires them to do.  I don’t understand how someone could enjoy this, but glad I had her on my team.” 

Identities and certain facts have been changed to protect the identities of clients.  These stories aren’t intended to be a promise of how your case will turn out.  All facts are different, and, outside of court, approval of the final resolution is up to the IRS.  Additionally, the IRS may change the terms of the OVDI program at any time.


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