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Levy and Garnishment Relief


We know how you got here.


The IRS can be intimidating.  We know that.  And that it is easy to procrastinate out of fear.  The IRS can also be difficult to understand.  They may have demanded a repayment plan that you could not afford.  Then there are tax resolution firms that pop up all over the internet, radio and TV claiming that they have all the answers and inside connections at the IRS.  But soon, you realize, all their promises don’t seem to mean anything.

Yet, the IRS is still out there lurking.  Then one day you check your bank account and see a negative balance.  Or someone at payroll explains that they have to levy your wages.  Or maybe your bank manager calls you to tell you they have to shut down your line of credit.  Then one of your customers calls you and tells you that they have to send the money they owe you to the IRS.  We know the devastation that you are feeling.


We can get it back!

Act quickly enough and there is a great chance we can get that levy or garnishment released.  In all honesty, it will be a stressful time and you will have some work to do as well.  Of course, you could have avoided this nightmare, but right now, you don’t need lectures, you need your money.  We want to get it back for you.


But getting it back is just a start.

You must understand, however, that a levy release is usually temporary.  A release can happen at the start of our representation of your case.  In order to find permanent relief,  you need to cooperate with our  proven tax resolution team of attorneys that will find the optimal solution for you.  We’ve helped thousands of taxpayers get their lives back for good!


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Success story:

Greta owned a greenhouse in California that sold poinsettias to distributors around the world.  She thought she was in an installment agreement for payroll taxes she owed.  But what she didn’t know was that the so-called “tax resolution” expert she had hired had misled her.  In fact, because of the “expert” handling of the case, Greta was actually in default — and she had no idea.  The IRS was completely frustrated with her expert and by extension, Greta.  The Revenue Officer was adamant about shutting Greta’s business down permanently.  So the IRS sent out bank levies and levies to all her customers.  Greta was beyond stunned.  She could not pay her employees and she was worried that her customers would think the worst about her.  Worse, this all happened in early December when she was at her busiest.

Greta figured out her ‘expert’ was no good.  She fired the firm (after she paid them $15,000) and then tried using the taxpayer advocate, and while they were friendly, they were unable to help her out.  Greta called us out of desperation and hired us on the spot.  We figured out that we only had 4 days to get the money back before it was gone for good. We attempted to negotiate the release of funds, explaining that the money really wasn’t Greta’s, that she owed that money to employees and suppliers.  The IRS was not budging though.  So we appealed the denial of our request for levy release.  While we were preparing for appeal, we thoroughly researched Greta’s case and found out that the IRS had made a mistake in failing to send out one particular notice.  Our appeal was heard two days later, we raised this issue and we won!  The Appeals Officer ruled that the levy was illegal and ordered the IRS to send the money back to Greta.

Greta was beyond grateful.  But we withheld our elation because the release was only temporary.  We needed to find a permanent resolution.  The Revenue Officer was still demonstratively hostile.  So we explained to the Revenue Officer how the ‘expert’ misled Greta and caused this disaster.  The Revenue Officer then became more sympathetic to Greta, and agreed to a new lower installment agreement that better matched Greta’s cash flow.  Greta doesn’t worry about IRS levies any more.

Identities and certain facts have been changed to protect the identities of clients.  These stories are not intended to be a promise of how your case will turn out.  All facts are different, and outside of tax or federal court, approval of the final resolution is up to the IRS.

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