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Federal Tax Lien Relief

At Parent & Parent LLP the IRSmedic, we are  passionate about saving people from the pain of IRS and state tax problems.  Yet it frustrates us to know that there are tens of thousands of our fellow US citizens who are letting the issues of a Federal Tax Lien linger and destroy their quality of life.  It frustrates us because we know the damage a lien can cause.  We know tax problems afflict so many otherwise productive people, and that there are so many Americans who, when behind on their tax debt, feel less than a person and simply want to crawl up into a hole and disengage from the world.

But that doesn’t help anybody, does it?  The fear so many have about what the IRS is going to do next frustrates us because we know something can be done to get permanent federal tax lien relief.  But we’re also frustrated because we can’t help everyone who needs our help!

So we thought, well, what can we do?  What can we do to make the world a better place?

Well here it is:  our free webinar, an IRSMedic exclusive:


IRS tax lien help



“The MAD MAD MAD world of IRS tax liens.”

All you need to do is sign up for a time that works for you, sit back and relax and you’ll learn, in easy-to-understand language:

  • How a federal tax lien is different from any other type of lien

  • Find out the damage an IRS tax lien can do

  • Find out why the IRS files so many tax liens

  • Find out the tricks sales people use to prey on those with a federal tax lien

And you’ll also learn how to get rid of the problems a tax lien can cause:

  • Like how to refinance or get a mortgage modification when a federal tax lien has been filed against you.

  • Find out how to get a tax lien removed without full payment.

  • Find out how to get rid of an old tax lien

This is a great webinar for tax professionals who have clients with tax liens as well —  for those looking to give their clients some guidance about what can and can’t be done when the IRS files a tax lien.  We know that CPAs and Enrolled Agents spend so much time trying to keep abreast of the latest and ever-changing compliance rules, that they have little time to get educated about all of the collection processes the IRS typically follows.

Simply sign up above to learn the basics of what you need to know about Federal tax lien relief. We will only send out limited emails and we will respect your privacy, so sign up in confidence.


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