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Mr. Buffett, great news!

Poor Billionaire Warren Buffett. He has never had things so good and he just feels so gosh darn awful about it.   As quoted by ABC News he says: But I think that people at the high end — people like myself — should be paying a lot more in taxes. We have it better than we’ve ever had it. You see. Now my heart goes out.  Moral dilemma, here folks.  Should I mention this our not? As surely, Mr. Buffett’s […]

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True Tax Policy explained

What is the Public Policy behind the IRS? And I’m not talking about small picture things like encouraging home-ownership via the mortgage interest deduction; encouraging higher education via the HOPE credit; or assisting low-income parents with the Earn Income Credit. What I am talking about is big-picture large-concept stuff. What is the prime directive behind the Tax Code as enforced by the Internal Revenue Service? Well, I haven’t seen anyone write this pretty about the 16th Amendment’s spawn than this: […]

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“Plain Writing Law” will force IRS to be gooder

Why it’s the law! IRS must be gooder talkers with words. Signed by President Obama and widely approved by both political parties in Congress, under the H.R. 946,  Plain Writing Act of 2010, the IRS now has 9 months to make all of its communications with taxpayers easy to understand. It’s the law, now IRS and all government agencies must use 100% approved plain writing!!! What is plain writing? Check this out, yo: …(3) PLAIN WRITING- The term ‘plain writing’ […]

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Wall Street Journal on the 2011 tax increases

Taxes really look to be going up across the board.  Especially for dividends — and — regardless of income level, dividends will be taxed at the higher ordinary income rates, instead of the lower 15%.  I talk more about it in this article in today’s Wall Street Journal. UPDATE: It looks like my quotes for this version ended up on the cutting room floor. A shame indeed.

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California AG “beams” lawsuit upon Roni Deutch

According to Jerry Brown, California Attorney General, self-declared “Tax Lady” Roni Deutch,  has engaged in a “heartless scheme” to swindle hundreds of thousands of dollars from people with tax problems. Brown has brought a civil complaint against Deutch claiming she wildly misleads consumers by promising to reduce their debts to the IRS. Instead, she takes large, up-front payments from them but provides little or no help in reducing their tax bills. The lawsuit claims that Deutch spends $3 million a […]

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So You Think You’re Smarter Than the IRS? Think Again!

WALLINGFORD, CT, Aug. 16, 2010 – If Nicholas Cage, Pamela Anderson and Wesley Snipes can get away without paying their income taxes, why should the IRS come after you? “What people don’t understand is that all these celebs are far from getting away with their tax debts. Cage is still very much on the hook for his $14 million tax debt; Pamela Anderson has a lien on her house and Wesley Snipes just lost his appeal of a three-year prison […]

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IRS’ response to Obamacare: Wait & See

So..has the IRS hired any of the additional 16,000 Revenue Officers the Republicans said they would as a result of Obamacare?

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Father/Son Business Offers Lessons for Father’s Day

WALLINGFORD, CT, May 28, 2010 — This could be the ultimate Father’s Day story. This father/son team graduated law school together, practices law together and still manages to enjoy each other’s company every day. The two attorneys are principles in IRS Medic at Parent & Parent, a Wallingford, CT-based practice of tax attorneys that works to resolve tough tax problems for businesses and individuals. They didn’t start out to be law partners, but looking at it today, it looks like […]

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Revenue Officer wins truth-telling award

Hats off to IRS Revenue Officer Andrea Fabiani Orellana for winning the National Organization of Truth Tellers (NOTT) 2010 “Brave Hero” Award . Employed by the IRS since 2001 to enforce  the collection of back taxes, Revenue Officer Orellana somehow found herself the target of a vicious smear. The word on the street? That her alter-ego was  eBay Power Seller  “BlackTheRipper”  who had a nice little side business selling a variety of consumer goods. And the bad news: “BlackTheRipper”  didn’t […]

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Fire federal workers with tax problems!

Actually, I take no position. I am just being provocative because I like attention. Regardless, as I will explain,  this story demonstrates that both parties in Congress are vastly confused about IRS procedures.

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