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Offer in Compromise processing time

How long does it take for the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise? The IRS Offer in Compromise program is a great way to settle unmanageable tax debt. But before you file an Offer in Compromise (for doubt as to collectability), it is a good idea to manage your expectations and realize how long the process is going to take. This article will discuss a typical timeline and some of the usual hitches along the way.     IRS […]

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Penalties for failing to file IRS Forms for reporting foreign interests

Beyond FBARs: What other reporting requirements are there for interests in foreign entities? BY: AMY L. HOLBROOK, ESQ. We have written a lot in the past about the FBAR –  Report of Foreign Bank Accounts, the form on which you annually report any foreign bank or financial accounts if you had more than $10,000 during that year. There is a lot of focus on the FBAR, but in fact, that is not the only foreign filing form that is the […]

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Lame IRS Phishing Spam

This just showed up in my inbox: First thing: The IRS never sends emails to taxpayers. If you get any email claiming to be from the IRS, it is spam. Ignore it. Now, as a tax professional, the IRS will email me certain documents. But if email is used, it is only from someone I know. And if it is not, it is in response to request I made and on a secure IRS server. My favorite parts of this […]

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FBAR and IRS: 4 Painful Lessons

The 4th Circuit takes a hard line on FBAR penalties FBAR & IRS: Painful lessons from the 4th Circuit’s US v Williams reversal Nearly two years ago, I commentated on the lone FBAR court decision, US v. Williams (4th Cir. Jul 20 2012). In this case, the  IRS lost.  But because the facts were so unique, so limited, it really wasn’t much of a loss for the IRS. After all:

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Tax Resolution Attorney Anthony Parent Publishes Blog Discussing IRS Problems

Anthony Parent, tax resolution lawyer, explains that, no matter how grim your situation may seem, no IRS dispute is every hopeless. Wallingford, Conn. – June 27, 2012 – Anthony Parent, founder of IRS Medic, recently wrote a blog discussing IRS disputes. In this article, found on his website, titled “Do Your IRS Problems Seem Hopeless? They Aren’t!” Mr. Parent explains that no IRS dispute is hopeless—no matter how grim the situation may seem. Anthony writes “The worst part, for […]

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Do Your IRS Problems Seem Hopeless? They Aren’t!

If you are dealing with IRS tax problems, we understand the stress that you are going through. Whether you are preparing for an audit, struggling to pay back taxes, or you are caught in a vicious cycle of late payments, penalties, and interest, dealing with the IRS is extremely stressful. Not only can your IRS dispute be costly from a financial standpoint—but an IRS dispute can create extreme mental and emotional stress, as well. Simply put, the IRS isn’t concerned […]

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Tax Resolution Attorney Anthony Parent Featured in USA Today and Other Major Media Outlets

Anthony Parent, tax resolution lawyer, was recently featured in USA Today as well as major online media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance, Morningstar, CNBC, MarketWatch and many others. Wallingford, Conn. – April 20, 2012 – Anthony Parent, founder of IRS Medic, was recently featured in USA Today with other leading tax professionals from around the world as one of “America’s PremiereTaxPros™.” A feature story about Anthony Parent was also recently seen on the online home pages of major publications such as Yahoo! […]

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Taxmasters Scam: More insight

What to do if you were scammed by Taxmasters As I said before, if you fell prey to the Taxmasters Scam, the chances of getting anything but a nominal check back are incredibly slim. Therefore, don’t think so much about getting even with TaxMasters, it’s not going to happen. Focus on the reason you hired them in the first place. Your tax problem. TaxMasters is going away, but the IRS is not.

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Is the IRS Newer and Nastier or Kinder and Gentler?

* * MEDIA ALERT * * DATE: March 28, 2011 RE: Is the IRS Newer and Nastier or Kinder and Gentler? Yes! As taxpayers face another April 15, there’s a good reason to be confused. With mixed message coming from the IRS on a daily basis, many don’t know which to believe. On one hand they hear the IRS is “nicer” because it’s now allowing taxpayers with federal tax liens to get them withdrawn and offering simplified installments and compromises […]

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IRS Medic Doubles Office Space With Recent Move to Historical Landmark

WALLINGFORD, CT, Mar. 8, 2001 – IRS Medic recently moved to larger offices due to its rapidly expanding practice. The tax resolution law firm is now located at 144 South Main Street, Wallingford in a historic building. The move doubles the size of the firm’s office space to 5500 square feet. It comes after five years in offices on Center Street in Wallingford. “We simply outgrew the space we were renting as our practice continued to develop,” says IRS Medic […]

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