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Offer in Compromise

Offer in Compromise accepted in record time BY: MICHELLE PALMERI I don’t know if it is our tax law firm getting better or the IRS getting easier, but what I do know is that we have one happy client. It’s been a while, so I figured I would give an update about IRS debt settlement processing times and a strategy I successfully used on one recent case, a case that set the IRSMedic: Parent & Parent LLP record for Offer […]

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Innocent Spouse and the California Franchise Tax Board

Getting innocent spouse relief in California BY: THOMAS S. GROTH, ESQ (@tsgESQ) Working at IRSMedic World HQ can be taxing at times. (Pun absolutely intended).  Many of my clients have seen their lives torn apart by the Internal Revenue Service, or a state taxing authority, and they’ve hired our firm because they know we have the tools and the expertise to make things right.  Tax problems can cause a range of emotions, from indifference to extreme anger. I’ve seen a […]

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IRS Installment agreement help

IRS Installment Agreement help: A success story BY: MICHELLE L. PALMERI From time to time we like to share with our readers some of our success stories. True we are very proud of our work, but we also like to share these stories because it helps illustrate what can and can’t be done about a tax problem. The worst thing for a tax problem is ignorance. And here’s another story to help shine some light. While these are true stories […]

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The IRS cancelled my installment agreement

What should I do when the IRS defaults or cancels my Installment Agreement?   If your Installment Agreement with the IRS has been defaulted or cancelled, you are likely worried about what to do next. And if you attempt to solve the problem with the IRS, you may find confusion and advice that totally works against you and puts you in more trouble than you could possible. Read this blog to learn how to stay away from the trouble the […]

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Connecticut Tax Attorney

My first attempt at video blogging. I give four reasons why you should hire an Connecticut attorney (or an attorney who is licensed to practice in your state) if you find yourself under the tax gun. Link below:

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