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How to find the best IRS Tax Attorney—for you.


With recent news of IRS scandals, it is obvious to any outside observer that the IRS routinely breaks it own rules.  Worse, if you are someone who has a tax problem, an out-of-control IRS isn’t just some imagined problem, but rather, the IRS is something that can destroy your well-being.  So for many, it is abundantly clear that they need to find the best IRS attorney to fight the IRS for them.  But how?

With the recent IRS Scandals, worried??????


This article will guide you through some of the most important — yet overlooked — things to look for in finding the best IRS tax attorney.


Fees and Cost:  The first thing on your mind must be “how much is this going to cost me?”  And rightly so.  You have one problem with the IRS chasing you for money you may or may not owe, the last thing you need is an IRS tax attorney firm coming after money you owe them for a job not completed. That is why it is critical to know exactly how much you will need to pay your IRS attorney upfront.  If they can’t give you a guaranteed flat rate, then you should really ask these questions.  Do they really know what they are doing if they can’t define the job that needs to be done and charge you a flat fee accordingly?  How in the world are you supposed to make an informed decision on hiring the best IRS lawyer if you don’t have all the information?

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Case in point, and this has nothing to do with the IRS:  The world’s most expensive car is a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.  It sold for $35 million in 2012.  Now, do you think the buyer was fine buying the car no matter what it cost, or do you think he had a right to know exactly how much he would have to pay to get it?  That’s right, he wanted to know beforehand — how much he would have to pay.  Think about it, no matter how expensive something is, you should have the right to know the total price you will pay before being liable for one cent, right?  Why is hiring the best IRS tax attorney any different? Demand a flat-fee.  Don’t pay someone an hourly rate to learn how to solve a tax problem.  Hire a firm that already knows how and that is so confident of it that they know what they need to charge you.

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An IRS lawyer dedicated to tax lawIRS tax law is ever-changing.  For a tax problem, it is best to hire a firm that specializes in tax resolution and IRS law exclusively.  You need a complete and total expert IRS attorney.  No one can be all things to everyone.  Be sure you hire a specialist.

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Ability to get the little things right:  Every successful resolution of an IRS tax problem case starts with building the proper foundation.  The proper foundation is filled with many little things that must be done absolutely correctly.  That is why it is essential that the lawyer you hire to deal with the IRS has a team and systems in place to ensure that all the little things, like current compliance, investigation paperwork, proper filings, financial analysis and communication with the IRS are performed meticulously and are expertly documented.  If the IRS is going to be challenged, the last thing you want is your case getting kicked out because your lawyer didn’t do all the little things right.

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Hiring the best IRS tax attorney for you may be one of the biggest decisions of your life.  These three things are not an exhaustive list.  But the factors above are a great place to start when trying to figure out who will best help you out of a serious tax problem.

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