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Last night I was fortunately enough to tape another segment with Stan Simpson for his show on Fox 61 in Hartford.

We hoped to talk about a big list of topics, but we were limited in time. We are able to get to:

The IRS’ intense focus on those in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey with unreported foreign bank accounts.

And how it is possible to get “forgiveness of debt” income waived by the IRS, but we went through how difficult¬† Form 982 is to understand. And that it may just be a better idea to file bankruptcy to get rid of credit card debt (Attorney Michelle Wynn promises me a more in-depth blog on this shortly)

I’ll post a link to the show once it is up.


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  1. Set your DVR for 6:30 am this Saturday to Fox 61. Because the only people I know up at that time is my sister and my nephew who both get up at 4:30 a.m. One voluntarily. The other, not so much.

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