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Thanks to the Record-Journal‘s crack assignment photographer, Justin Gillette Weekes, IV for this outstanding picture.

Yep, as Mr. Weekes properly captured, the sky is really that blue in Connecticut. The vividness of our state’s sky is only is only outshined outshone surpassed by our state’s chief export: rainbows.


  1. Justin Weekes — not just a master of exposing the classic thrills of Lime Rock, Watkins Glen, et al, but he also is a clever master of capturing the poignant moments we meant to save in a scrap book. With him, the past and present don't just rhyme, they sing.

  2. Always there to help a friend.

  3. Looks like IRSMedic HQ is a magical place. Next time, I think they should photoshop in a rainbow to indicate the pot-o-gold that awaits IRSMedic Clients once they get the IRS off their backs forever!

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