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Although our tax firm is willing to help taxpayers around the world, IRS Medic was actually founded in Connecticut and is still located there today. While we do enjoy video-conferencing and talking to our clients over the phone, we also appreciate the opportunity to meet clients in person. Therefore, if you are looking for a local CT tax lawyer and prefer face-to-face contact, IRS Medic is the right choice for you.

CT Tax Attorneys

IRS Medic is made up of experienced CT tax attorneys with one goal in mind: to resolve your tax issues with the best possible results for you. Each of our attorneys have been admitted to the United States Tax Court and represent taxpayers in the U.S. and abroad. We deal with everything from un-filed taxes to liens, penalties, and other IRS actions. Many of our clients come from referrals and, unlike our competitors, we’ll tell you up front what it will cost you to resolve your tax problems.

Most tax firms do not offer representation by licensed attorneys so their options, and yours, are limited. In addition, some lawyers include tax law as only one of many legal practices, so they may not be aware of recent changes to tax codes. However, that’s where we stand apart because unlike these other firms, we are focused solely on tax law. This experience and expertise can make all the difference and will help us solve your case more efficiently and professionally than our competition is capable of doing.

Anthony Parent, the founding partner of IRS Medic, has created a law firm dedicated to working with individuals who have tax problems. In founding the firm, he brought together his academic study in finance and his law degree. This expertise creates the foundation for the company and also adds to IRS Medic’s credibility and trustworthiness. Anthony is routinely quoted on tax issues in local and national media, most recently in CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates around the country, as well as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!Finance, and He is also able to use his many years of experience from working with clients to settle difficult tax problems with both the Internal Revenue Service and State Departments of Revenue Services.

CT Tax Help

So remember, regardless of how complicated your tax problem is, there is always a solution and IRS Medic is willing to help, especially for those in CT who need tax help. To schedule a one-on-one, free consultation with our team, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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